Tiffany Lakes, Owner 2001 - Present

Tiffany moved to the Ann Arbor area in 1992 from Connersville, Indiana. She started working for Arcade Barbers that same year. Tiffany worked for Russell Rutt, the previous owner of Arcade Barbers, up until September 2001, at which time she purchased the business and became the current owner. Russ retired because his wife was ill and he wanted to spend more time with her.

To say Russ was Tiffany's mentor is an understatement. After selling the business to Tiffany, Russ stayed on working part-time for several years, even though he had to ride the bus from Jackson to Ann Arbor every day he came to work! He helped Tiffany learn the ropes of running the shop and coming to work saved him from the boredom of retirement.

On being asked what Russ was like, Tiffany has many memories to share. "I loved his outlook on life, especially politics. He was a very matter of fact guy and I could count on him to keep me up to speed on anything the Democrats had to say. He was great about teaching me the history of the profession and the area, as well as what traditions to keep up with. Russ always said it was very important to have the daily newspaper available because that's what the customers wanted most while they were waiting. I did carry The Ann Arbor News in the shop up until they stopped publishing, so now it's just The Wall Street Journal and The Michigan Daily when it's available."

While the times may change, it's reassuring to know that a great haircut is still available at the historic Arcade Barbers, Nickel's Arcade, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Russell Rutt, Owner 1986 - 2001

One Man and a Barber Shop, The Story of Russell Rutt (As Written in 2002)

The year of 2002 saw the departure of one of Nickel's Arcade's most familiar faces. After owning Arcade Barbers for over fifteen years, Russell Rutherford Rutt (or just Russ to those who know him) has decided to retire. Russ leaves, taking almost 80 years of memories -- and a little slice of Americana -- with him.

Russ grew up in Canada and lived there until he was 29 before moving to the United States. Russ joined the Canadian Army and spent five years enlisted. This included a stint in Europe as a tank gunner during World War II, where he spent time in England, Scotland and Wales and saw action in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

After moving to America, Russ trained at Green Barber School in Detroit and has been cutting hair since 1952. Before coming over to Arcade Barbers, Russ worked at Lee's Shop on East University for 25 years. Unfortunately, Lee's closed back in the 70's, but their loss has been Arcade Barbers' gain. Russ worked as a barber at Arcade for over ten years before buying the business in the mid-1980's.

Russ is in good health and plans on a happy, active retirement in Jackson, Michigan with his wife of eighteen years, Judith Ann Rutt. Well, perhaps "semi-retirement" is a more accurate term, since he still plans on cutting hair part-time. "I'm dead tired --rather than dead," Russ laughs. "I'm old and beat-up! What more do you want from an 80 year old?"

Reflecting back on the past five decades in Ann Arbor, Russ offers his thoughts with the wry wit that Arcade Barbers regulars have grown accustomed to. "Nickel's Arcade had a restaurant," he said, "And a post office and a jewelry store. Oh, and of course Arcade Barbers -- that's been around since 1917. And the town! Back then, Ann Arbor had more trees than buildings!"

On his secret to a long life, Russ simply states, "Genetics are a sure thing. No matter how well you care for yourself, genetics will always win." Of course the fact that Russ kept himself in good shape might have something to do with it. Russ has always walked to work. Every single day since 1952. Russ was also an avid weight lifter and has been working out since he was 18, despite suffering a heart attack six years ago and having a pacemaker installed shortly after.

So goodbye, Russ and happy retirement. We at Arcade Barbers - both the staff and the patrons - will miss you. For your wit and wisdom and for making us feel like family for over 25 years. We will miss you indeed.